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Open Marriages: a Shortcut to Divorce?

Following a lesser-known celebrity having confessed to allowing her husband to engage in extra-marital relations on a moderately popular programme on daytime TV, the internet has become awash with articles, comments and more discussing and questioning alternatives to monogamy and how such arrangements could affect marriages. It will more than likely come as no surprise to hear that the majority of individuals feel that such relationships are not sustainable, the thrust of most arguments being that infidelity will inevitably lead to discord, resentment and, ultimately, divorce. Others, though, have queried whether this is necessarily the case. There will be couples that will try such arrangements only to find that they cannot stomach their spouse engaging in such behaviour, of course, but is it not possible that there are people out there who are mature enough; entrusting enough to make such arrangements work? Both sides present coherent and valid arguments, but logic dictates that it is only couples that have planned to enter into such relationships from the very start that are likely to succeed. When these circumstances apply, both parties are likely to be agreeable to the arrangement and are fully prepared to deal with the relevant terms from the get-go. Should the arrangement be proposed as part of a compromise or another similar reason, this lack of preparation is likely to lead to jealousy which, in turn, is likely to foster any number of other negative emotions that are in no way conducive to a happy, stable marriage. In short, it is the personalities and mind-sets of the people involved in the marriage that will determine whether or not such an arrangement can succeed and those that enter into relationships knowingly also happen to be the type of people who are best suited to them!


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