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What is a Quickie Divorce?

The colloquialism ‘Quickie Divorce’ is now widely used, both by individuals in everyday conversation and by the media in stories, blog posts, videos and more. What exactly is meant by this term. though? Stories that feature the phrase are consistently sensationalised and imply that a divorce can be finalised within just minutes – a gross exaggeration reliant upon the fact that, in the majority of instances, judges approve of applications for divorce (particularly when the request is uncontested) in very little time so as to be as efficient as possible. Reports would suggest, though, that this forms the entirety of the divorce process – something which is simply not true! The judiciaries’ role in the process is indeed limited but other administrative staff are heavily involved. Several documents must be completed and filed as well. All in all, even the quickest of divorces will not be finalised in less than 12 weeks. Whilst this may lead you to conclude that there is no such thing as a quickie divorce, this is not actually the case. Contested divorces and even uncontested divorces, when the procedure is poorly handled, can take years to be processed fully . In fact, the average uncontested divorce take more than six months! A quickie divorce is therefore an efficiently handled uncontested divorce that is processed as quickly as possible – something that we specialise in! In short, the term Quickie Divorce is accurate when placed in context. A divorce that is processed within 12 weeks or a similar timeframe can reasonably be described as quick as it is significantly quicker than the average timescale of 33 weeks!


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