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How to Get a Quick Divorce

A quick divorce is entirely achievable provided you and your spouse agree to it. In fact, if you and your spouse are able to put any differences that may exist to one side and coordinate throughout the process, there’s no reason why your divorce cannot be completed within just 12 weeks. Here are Quickie Divorce’s top tips for getting a quick divorce: Agree your reasons If you’ve been living separate lives for more than two years, you can simply file on these grounds with no need to blame your spouse or accept blame yourself. In the event that you haven’t, however, you’re going to need to rely on the grounds of either adultery or unreasonable behaviour and the Petitioner (the person that files the document and formally requests that the court grant a divorce) will need to lay the blame at the Respondent’s door. If you need to file on either of these grounds, it’s best to agree the details before filing your petition. This way, you can be certain that the Respondent will agree to the grounds which will prevent any unnecessary delays. Keep the respondent informed For your divorce to be processed as quickly as possible, the Respondent will need to complete and return documentation sent to them by the court as soon as possible. Naturally, this will be far easier if they know when they’re likely to receive them so give them a quick call or text message as soon as you submit your application to the court. By doing this, you’re not only letting them know that the aforementioned documents will be with them soon, but are also involving them in the process. This is likely to foster a trusting relationship and further increase the likelihood of them quickly completing and returning their documents to the court. Be prepared to chase the court Sadly, the UK’s courts’ funding and resources have diminished whilst their workload has not. As a result, it is, on average, taking them longer and longer to process applications. Remember, though, that you are a paying customer. If you’ve paid your court fees (or even in the event that you were exempt from them) then you’ve every right to expect an efficient and speedy service so don’t settle for anything less. Contact the courts regularly and request updates. Ask them how long they think it will be before the next part of the process is complete and so on. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease; your vigilance will pay off! Return correspondence rapidly As obvious as it may seem, the quicker you complete and return your documents to the court, the sooner your divorce will be finalised. So, whilst you should still ensure that your documentation is completed correctly, prepare and return your paperwork as soon as possible at all times. Be aware, however, that there is one instance where this doesn’t apply; file for your Decree Absolute too soon and it can actually cause delays. So, once the courts have informed you that a judge has approved your request for a divorce and granted a Decree Nisi, make a note of the date on which the request was granted and apply to make your divorce final exactly six weeks and one day from then. By following these steps, you’re certain to speed up the divorce process.


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