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Clean Break

Did you know that if you win the National Lottery, without a Clean Break agreement in place, your ex-partner is entitled to at least half of it?! No matter whether you are divorced or even if you already have a separation agreement you must still obtain a Consent Order to legally enforce the terms of the agreement. Therefore, we advise you to choose a high quality professional Clean Break service to secure your future. We have an exclusive agreement with Clean Break UK – as a Quickie Divorce UK customer your Clean Break agreement can be completed online now for just £99. This quick, simple and affordable Clean Break Order (Consent Order) solution allows you to ensure that, following your divorce, your ex-partner cannot go back to court to ask for more money or assets. Remember, a Consent Order is the only way that you can guarantee that any agreement you and your ex-partner may reach is enforceable by law and that no further claims can be made.

Resource Wills

If you are getting divorced you will need to make a new Will. Your Last Will and Testament is a vital legal document, so it is important that your Will is prepared correctly. Failure to do so could leave your benefactors to deal with complicated and expensive issues. We advise you to choose a high quality professional service. We have an exclusive agreement with LifeTime Wills UK. As a Quickie Divorce UK customer your Last Will and Testament can be completed online now for just £10 (normally £39) or £20 for mirrored Wills (normally £99). This quick, simple and affordable Will solution allows you to change your Will whenever you want, and as many times as you require, COMPLETELY FREE . Be confident that your Will is absolutely safe and legally binding for the rest of your life. Don't go through the repeated trouble and expense of updating your Will whenever your personal circumstances change; LifeTime Wills UK is the only Will writing resource you will ever need.

Debt Survival

Are you feeling the strain of the interest on your debts? Getting a divorce is a hard enough time without having to deal with the pressure of mounting debts. Debt Survival (UK) Limited is a sister company of Quickie Divorce and will provide you the quality of service you have come to expect.

With Debt Survival you could:

  • Significantly reduce your monthly repayments without taking out a fresh loan *
  • Pay back only what you can afford
  • Reschedule your debt; and take control of your finances
  • Remove stress by not having to deal directly with your creditors; ever!
  • No risk of CCJs, Yourbankruptcy or legal action with maintenance of your monthly payments
  • Make one single, affordable repayment each month regardless of how many creditors you have
  • Your very own supportive, dedicated Personal Finance Manager
  • Regular reviews of your circumstances to ensure affordability
  • Government endorsed solution

* This may in certain circumstances lengthen the term of your repayments

Other Resources

Divorce Resource

HMCS Divorce
Her Majesty's Court Service Divorce Information

HMCS CourtFinder
This is an excellent service that you can use for free to find the address of your nearest Court

An excellent online resource with a very active online community to offer mutual support and share experiences on divorce.

International Resources

Divorce Advice For Women
Articles, advice, and information to help women survive the divorce process and rebuild their lives.

Divorce and Women
The #1 Book on Separation and Divorce for Today's Women.

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