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Our Testimonials

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Kim Graham
Kim Graham

“I cant believe that I have got so easy and quick Divorce. It took me 6 months but went fine with amazing price. High street solicitor was asking me at lease £1000.00 but quickie divorce helped me with everything including my personal expenses for less than £200. They drafted all the paperwork and all i needed to do was just post. I am very thankful and grateful for the service.”

Kim Graham
Ashraf Islam

“Five-star service, I do not have enough words to thanks these guys. They have handled my case and assisted me so professionally throughout the whole process. Recommended to all who need assistance. No other place to go!”

Kim Graham
Jack Irwin

"I was divorced over 15 years ago and was recently threatened with a DPA on my property to pay care home fees for my ex. Thankfully I had a clean break in place and as soon as I showed a copy of this document I was left alone. Thank you, Quickie Divorce!"

Premium Divorce


For people who want a simple, affordable and hassle-free divorce

  • All documents drafted for you
  • Whole process managed for you
  • Expert advice
  • We handle all court queries
  • Track your divorce online

Premium Plus Divorce


For people who want a personal service without questionnaires or forms to fill in

  • No questionnaires or forms
  • Entire divorce handled for you
  • Expert consultation
  • Full support throughout
  • Our complete package

Clean Break Financial Order


For people who want a Legally Binding Consent Order protecting their future assets

  • Solicitor drafted clean break
  • Legally binding Court Order
  • We complete everything
  • Protecting your money and assets
  • Full support throughout

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