Your divorce petition can be initiated online now for just £37. Or you can have all the divorce forms you'll need to send to Court completed for you for just £67.

There isn't a simpler, more complete divorce package available in the UK. If you use our 3-step process to generate your divorce papers you can initiate your divorce in less than 3 minutes and save up to £720.

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Divorce is never painless, but our experienced divorce team can provide all the essential documentation, papers, advice and support you will need to settle your uncontested divorce quickly and efficiently with the least amount of stress or expense and without a court appearance.

Why use Quickie-Divorce?

We believe we have developed the quickest, simplest, best quality DIY divorce solutions available in the UK; and remember there are no forms, courts or solicitors! However, if within 30 days of purchase, you find another UK online divorce product that offers the same quality of service, documentation and support as ours, for a lower cost, we will give you a no-quibble 100% refund GUARANTEED.

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