Currently, 99.7% of our customers say they are 'Very Satisfied' with our service.

"They said they would ring at 11am & they did. Really easy to talk to, no jargon. "
Richard Smart, UK - October 2013

"Sarah was very professional, sympathetic and friendly and has taken the worry out of the process. She contacted me on time, and has given me all the contact details I need. I would recommend Quickie Divorce. "
Ian Yates, UK - October 2013

"I found them to be very helpful when I got into difficulties in filling my forms in plus very quick with their service would recommend them to anyone . "
Christine Jones, UK - October 2013

"Very easy and hassle free. "
Chung Tang, UK - October 2013

"Quick and clear"
Paul Wilkes, Somerset - March 2013

"Very very good, easy to understand. Thank you."
Stephen Fowle, Derbyshire - March 2013

"Great service"
Ayoade Shadrack Ademakinwa, Chelmsford - June 2012

"Very easy to complete and without the hassle of making appointments to see a solicitor. All the help you need to complete your divorce without strangling you financially"
John Hamilton, Doncaster, South Yorkshire - May 2012

"The ease of use of website (even though I took 2 years to finally getting around to complete it, thanks to my very good friend Marion) was extremely good and I would be more than happy to complete an in-depth testimonial once my divorce is complete and after I have thrown the best party Basingstoke hs ever seen "
Maxine Ewen-Smith, Reading - March 2012

"The ease of use of website (even though I took 2 years to finally getting around to complete it, thanks to my very good friend Marion) was extremely good and I would be more than happy to complete an in-depth testimonial once my divorce is complete and after I have thrown the best party Basingstoke has ever seen "
Maxine Ewen-Smith, Reading - March 2012

"This service is fantastic....easier to do than I ever imagined, quick and cheap - I\'d highly recommend it"
Mrs Sue Wilson, Milton Keynes - January 2012

"Will do once divorce is complete"
Vicky Louise Minnis, London - October 2011

"I\'ve taken my time in completing my divorce, for several personal reasons...its been easy to pick it up where I left off each time...something that has made the process much easier. I would highly recommend this service."
Mrs Sue Wilson, Milton Keynes - September 2011

"A very simple first stage, lets hope the remainder is so easy.\r\n"
Peter Hardwick, Walsall - March 2011

Karen Rosario, Romford - March 2011

"If I had a query regarding the procedures or just not sure, they always gave advice."
Melanie Agatha Bartley, Birmingham - March 2011

"Wonderfully easy to use. Made the process as easy as can be expected and the only part of the divorce that didnt cause added stress. Great experience all around. Pray I dont ever need it myself again but will definately pass the company on to anyone I know of going through the process of a divorce."
Gwendolyn Anderson, Southampton - January 2011

"Very fast, straight forward and easy to use and understand"
Elisha Jane Chambers, Dudley, West Midlands - December 2010

Jean Lesley Wood, Birmingham - December 2010

"Good value for money and simple to use. I would recommend to a friend,"
Peter Woozley, Manchester - November 2010

"You are very Efficient in this process , unlike others . Good information ."
Andrew Gray, Liverpool - October 2010

"Very simple and quick. Thanks for making the process easy."
Jayne Leedham, Wakefield, W.Yorkshire - September 2010

"Your website is user friendly"
Dionne Chrappah, Southall, Middlesex - September 2010

"Getting divorced is extremely stressful, QuickieDivorce has taken the stress out. So far the procedure has been very easy. Thanks."
John Sweeney, Southall, Middlesex - September 2010

"A very user-friendly service. Perfect for those who are not familiar with divorce jargon. "
Mario Velasquez, Manchester - August 2010

"Once I got the forms sorted out as the site would not except my email ,so had to get that sorted then alll went well."
Tina Claxton, Dartford - August 2010

"Forms nice and straightforward and telephone assistance very helpful and polite"
Dale Powell, Dudley, West Midlands - August 2010

"Maybe at the end of the process"
Michael Sharman, Halifax, Western Isles - August 2010

"Good Service, ease of use great helpful company. Thanks"
Kevin Malcolm Taylor, Cardiff - July 2010

"Very friendly and efficient service. Highly recommended."
Des Clift, Kingston-upon-Tharnes, Surrey - June 2010

"I would like to thank you for making this an easy process."
Karen Mcwilliams, Nottingham - May 2010

"Easy peasy even i could do it!"
Andrew Mccutcheon, Sheffield - April 2010

"Pleased with service and ease of use."
Adrian John Higgs, Kent, London - April 2010

"I have found the service excellent, it is in easy to follow steps and has useful prompts when you get stuck with a particular question. i like the way that you can track the process and see what each step involves it has taken the uncertainty out of a complex legal process. Thank you"
Jeremy Burgess, Medway - April 2010

"I have found the form very user friendly and every stage is explained in detail making it very easy to complete."
Cheryl Sherrington, Wigan - April 2010

"Would recommend quickie divorce to a friend, very simply to do, and a lot cheaper than going through a solicitor!! Thanks"
Janet Barrowcliffe, Gloucester - March 2010

"Fantastic service, help is only a phone call away, very straight forward, and easy to use."
Mrs Sonia Randall, Redhill - March 2010

"Very simple - thank you!"
Maria Smith, Milton Keynes - February 2010

"A great service. Easy to use and Help on hand. Highly recommended!!!"
Shahzad Malik, London - February 2010

"Excellent value for money"
Sai Boonwhat, Slough - February 2010

"Very easy and fast sevice. Thank you"
Michaela Williams, Sution, Surrey - February 2010

"An excellent and straight forward way of dealing with a difficult situation. Made simple with plain english and helpful and friendly staff who are easy to get hold of and return e-mails quickly and efficiently."
Leanne May Wholey, Swindon - February 2010

"Highly recommended. If you needed help they were always there to answer questions."
Sai Boonwhat, Slough - February 2010

"An efficient service."
Helen Barnes, Salisbury - February 2010

"I\'ve found the process using quickie divorce alot less stressful than I thought it would be. The good thing is you have someone at the end of the phone waiting to help you if you need it."
Barry O\'Hara, Manchester - February 2010

"Very easy to use and much cheaper than paying for your own solicitor."
Shirley Kilburn, Cleveland - February 2010

"Very helpful service and quite easy to follow."
Michelle Collette Watts, Oldham - February 2010

"Quick and easy."
Dan Walker, Truro, Cornwall - February 2010

"FANTASTIC and easy to use!! A quick welcome phone call and the offer of advise and help - that reasures me that the right people at the right time are available for my needs. Well done!!! HIGHLY recommended!"
Matthew George, Slough - February 2010

"I could not have been more impressed with the clarity of your information, the speed of your response and the overall fantastic service you deliver for such an incredibly low cost. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who is unfortunate enough to be in a similar position to me! Thank you. Martin Boswell"
Martin Boswell, London - January 2010

"So far the service i have had from Quickie Divorce has been fantastic. The forms are really easy to understand and the call centre staff are really friendly and helpful."
Michelle Collette Watts, Oldham - January 2010

"Although I struggled slightly due to my circumstances the telephone staff were so very helpful and guided me through, thank you. "
Nikki Thornton, Brighton - January 2010

"Very easy to use and makes a difficult time a lttle easier"
Kerry Duncan, Newcastle-upon-Tyne - January 2010

"I have had to phone Quickie Divorce twice and have had several email contacts with them\r\n\r\nThey are friendly and helpful and give good advice and I have already recommended them to my friends"
Susan Margaret Beagley, Slough - January 2010

"So far great service"
Ian Lydon, Hemel Hempstead - January 2010

"I found this service to be prompt and extremely helpful with friendly advice and information given in the follow-up call. The questionnaire is very user-friendly and well designed."
Barry Cole, Ipswich - January 2010

"The online questionnaire was very easy use. The help sections were extremely useful."
Phill Warren, Southend-on-Sea - January 2010

"Easy and cheap online tool."
Michael Van Leyen, Kingston-upon-Tharnes, Surrey - January 2010

"A pleasure to do what is quite a stressful task and it be so easy and straight forward."
Ruth Maurice, Hemel Hempstead - January 2010

"Very quick and easy to use. highly recommended, don\'t waste your money going to a solicitor."
Jane Hvas Tordoff, Stoke-on-Trent - January 2010

"Very easy to use. \r\nGood to be able to sit alone and think about questions, especially if not up to speaking about the issues.\r\nThe fact that someone else takes off the workload at this difficult time helps somewhat."
Louise Dunn, Plymouth - January 2010

"So far the person on the telephone was very clear, helpful and friendly. The on line forms are very easy to use and simple. Iam very grateful for this service... Thank you and here is hoping all goes well. :)"
Nikki Thornton, Brighton - January 2010

"Very helpfull on the phone indeed very impressed with the service."
John Morgan, Sution, Surrey - January 2010

"Quickie divorce does actually contact you immediately if you need to amend your forms, by phone and email with direct advice. This is needed when your a man who is not good at multi tasking. Thanks. Hope this recently completed form is correct!"
Graeme Henderson, Sunderland - January 2010

"Alexis was very helpful on the phone, she was clear in the information she gave me and the various options which were on offer. She gave me confidence that it is someting I can deal with."
Alison Shankland, Sheffield - January 2010

"Very prompt service."
Gaynor Allen, Stockport, Cheshire - January 2010

"I have just filled the forms out and it was nice and straight forward in plain english. Excellent. Lets see how the rest goes."
Sean Gannon, Chester - January 2010

"The staff are extremely polite and efficient"
Gaynor Allen, Stockport, Cheshire - January 2010

"So far I have had a very good experience using Quickie Divorce. The website is set out well and all aspects are easy to understand."
Di Brennan, Newcastle-upon-Tyne - January 2010

"So far this type of divorce procedure seems to be worry free"
Anthony Bickerstaff, Taunton, Somerset - January 2010

"Excellent website for quick divorce without complications. If in doubt when completing online, you can telephone and there really ARE staff to talk to when needed. The forms are probably as straightforward as they can be and I would recommend this process to a friend in similar circumstances. "
Karen Djebili, Slough - January 2010

"Very simple format and easy to follow and understand."
Michael Greenwood, Braford, West Yorkshire - January 2010

"So far the service has been good, with good feedback, information and guidance."
Mark Baxter, Bournemouth - January 2010

"Effortless, and easy to understand. "
Charlotte Elizabeth Bowley, Leicester - January 2010

"So far I feel very comfortable with the proceedure. And am happy with the quick response of my application"
Miss Susan Linda Cox, Chester - January 2010

"An easy to use process. Any queries were answered promptly and efficiently."
Simon Bone, Hull - January 2010

"I am grateful for the help you have given me, and i am happy at the constant quick responce"
Tracy Jean Sage, Newport, Gwent - January 2010

"Easy to use and staff are helpful"
Jason Read, Norwich - January 2010

"Easy to use and staff are helpful"
Jason Read, Norwich - January 2010

"Very easy and quick to use. Very helpful on the phone to. Fantastic"
Daljit Banwait, Southall, Middlesex - January 2010

"Easy to use"
Jason Read, Norwich - December 2009

"I am very impressed at how much help you have given me with filling in the form and your prompt replys"
Tracy Jean Sage, Newport, Gwent - December 2009

"Forms seem to be very simple and the service is brisk and efficient"
Wyndham Brooks, Southampton - December 2009

"Very easy to understand and excellent communication. "
Sharon Wood, Colohester - December 2009

"Leading a busy life working in retail, I found the service that you provide easy to understand and helpful in the information required. I believe that you will resolve this divorce with a 100% committment."
Mr Brian Wayne Miller, Medway - December 2009

"I thought that filling out the forms and trying to action this on my own would be difficult and full of legal language that I wouldn\'t understand. I was relieved to find that all words were understandable and I was able to complete the forms in a few short minutes."
Angela Brits, Kingston-upon-Tharnes, Surrey - December 2009

"Excellent service!"
Antony Paolella, Swansea - December 2009

"The questionnare is very straightforward and the response from the team is well within the time stated. I would recommend this service to anyone in my position"
Heather Williams, Bristol - December 2009

"I think is quite friendly user interface"
Laila Antwi, Croydon - December 2009

"The quickie-divorce template is easy to use and the staff are always helpful and easily contactable. It\'s great because this avoids a lot of unnecessary stress in the whole messy business of my divorce."
Tim Gudgion, Dorchester, Dorset - December 2009

"I have founded it very easy to use this service. Usually I dont like filling the forms but this was easy, straight forward. Many thank for easy and very helpful service"
Alexandra Rockland, Harrow, Middlesex - December 2009

"Excellent service recommended!"
Antony Paolella, Swansea - December 2009

"A very clear cut service which is is simple to use."
Josephine Jones, London - December 2009

"Excellent service and very good value for money."
James Alistair Michael Garner, Nottingham - December 2009

"So far, I have found your service excellent. You have made what could be a daunting experience very easy. Martine, whom I have spoken to on the phone, has been so friendly and reassuring. Thank you very much. "
Jean Boucher, Redhill - December 2009

"So far very easy i hope the rest is as easy."
Gemma, Birmingham - December 2009

"A great fool proof service with a really good support team. "
Josephine Jones, London - December 2009

"Very easy to use"
Mark Lewis Perryman, Newport, Gwent - December 2009

Anna Norwood, Watford - December 2009

"Your help, support and prompt assistance has been of great service to me thoughout the whole procedure.\r\n\r\nS Schofield\r\n\r\n"
Stuart Schofield, Braford, West Yorkshire - December 2009

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