Personalised Service

If you don’t want the stress of filling in forms or trying to understand legal procedures, you should consider our unique Personal Case Handling Service.

All the divorce forms you need are completed for you, and then checked by an experienced case manager, before being sent on to you by email or post – and all for just £67!

No other online divorce provider offers this quality of service for this price. If, within 30 days of purchase, you find another UK online divorce product that offers the same supervised service as ours, for less money, we will give you a no-quibble 100% refund – and that’s a PROMISE!

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Personal Plus Service

Did you know that if you win the National Lottery after you get divorced your ex-partner would still be entitled to at least half of it! Even if you are already divorced, or you already have a separation agreement in place, you must still obtain a Clean Break Order to legally enforce the terms of the agreement.

Our Personal Plus Service includes the benefits of our Personal Case Handling Service PLUS a drafted clean break agreement.

No other online divorce provider offers this service for this price – guaranteed! We believe we’ve produced the quickest, simplest, best quality online clean break solution available in the UK.

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3 Minute Download Service

Divorce doesn’t have to be costly or painful. Your divorce petition can be initiated online now for just £37 using our simple and comprehensive download pack.

All our packs are prepared by experienced case managers – not ‘legal assistants’ or ‘paralegals’. The guides contained within them explain the divorce process in simple, straight forward terms and include step-by-step instructions on which forms to send, along with examples of how they should be completed.

No other divorce provider offers this quality of pack for this price – Guaranteed! No other divorce provider offers more than 12 hours per day email and telephone support.

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