You can have all the divorce forms you’ll need to send to Court completed for you and checked by an experienced case managers for just £67.

At Quickie-Divorce, we don’t rely on ‘trained legal assistants’ or ‘paralegals’. We understand the importance of good training and experience.

No other online divorce provider offers this service – and that’s a fact – because no other online divorce provider offers a comparable quality or value-for-money service supervised by a team of experienced case managers.

Our service includes:

  • Email Support – Free help and advice, guaranteed within 24 hours, throughout the whole process.
  • Phone Support – Free live and immediate help and advice throughout the whole process. (Lines open Mon-Thurs 9am-9pm, Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-2pm)
  • Discounted Will (Just £10) & Clean Break Agreement (Just £99) – You may need both of these now.
  • FREE Consultation – If you are uncertain as to whether our service is right for you please contact us.
  • FREE Updates – Immediate notification of any change of law or documentation requirements.
  • FREE Postage – Unlike other services, we won’t charge extra to post you your divorce forms etc.
  • FREE Financial Advice – Free advice on any financial aspect as a consequence of divorce.
  • FREE Guides – Essential Guides to Divorce & Consent Orders (both rrp £12.99).

You won’t need the services of a local high street solicitor, or a court appearance, and you don’t need to fill in complicated legal forms or understand solicitors’ jargon; all you need are your personal details and a few minutes of your time – your divorce papers can be completed for you, then you can have them sent to you either by email or post.

Enjoy the security of knowing that an expert is following your case from start to finish. We can complete all the forms you’ll need throughout the whole divorce process – from issuing your petition until you have your Decree Absolute in your hand.

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Example of Our Simple, Easy to Use Forms

Below is an example of our simple, easy-to-use form that you will be required to complete to enable us to create your divorce petition. Click on [ help ] for an explanation of how to answer the relevant question.

Your full name: [ help ]
Your occupation: [ help ]
Your current address: [ help ]
Your spouse's occupation: [ help ]
Last address at which you lived with your spouse: [ help ]
Do you and your husband or wife live in England or Wales: yes
[ help ]

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Compare Our Prices and Services with Other Online Divorce Providers

You’ll only buy one divorce pack so buy the highest quality, most comprehensive, value-for-money solution available in the UK. Our service should not be confused with cheaper or inferior options that often lead clients to make expensive and time-consuming mistakes. Our team of experts are frequently asked to provide support for clients who have tried other sites. Compare our service and prices:

Services Divorce
Supervised case manager service × × ×
24/7 case tracking × × ×
FREE phone support 9:30am-5:30pm 4pm-7pm 2pm-6pm 9am-9pm*
FREE ebooks × × ×
30 day guarantee × × ×
Financial advice × ×
Discounted Will × ×
Discounted Clean
Break Order
× × ×
ISO certified × × ×
Costs £65 £165 £179 £67

*Mon-Thurs 9am-9pm, Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-2pm

You can see from the above comparison chart that Quickie Divorce offers the UK’s premier service. We are an expert online divorce service – therefore we have considerably fewer overheads than a high-street solicitor – this keeps our costs down to a minimum, allowing us to pass on our savings to our customers.

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See What You Can Save by Using Quickie-Divorce

A High Street solicitor may charge you £100 per hour (plus VAT):

  • Solicitors fees (incl. VAT) £587.50
  • Court Fees are applicable *
  • Total Costs £587.50 + Court Fees *

Compare the cost of our divorce:

  • Our divorce options: £67
  • Court Fees are applicable *
  • Total Costs £67 + Court Fees *

PLUS – Buy any one of our divorce options by credit or debit card now and we’ll give you a new Will for just £10 (normally £39) with FREE updates for life. PLUS – Your Clean Break Order for just £99!

ALSO – Receive ‘The Essential Guide to Divorce’ by Dr Charlotte B Price (normally £12.99)

AND – ‘The Essential Guide to Consent Orders’ by Dr Charlotte B Price (normally £12.99)


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* These payments are fixed and must be paid to the court. You may be required to pay an additional Court Fee for lodging your Petition. The amount payable depends on your individual circumstances, but should not exceed £550. See FAQs.