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About this Divorce Blog

This is the official blog for ‘Quickie Divorce UK!’ As the UK’s leading service provider for online divorces in the UK we wanted to do more for the industry and create a range of online solutions for couples and individuals needing help during or after divorce.

At present, we provide a range of paid services to individuals who agree on their divorce (uncontested divorces in England and Wales) and these have proved very popular – over 150,000 customers and counting! But we want to do more.

For this reason, we are going to be investing in a range of free web resources for anyone that wants support or help both before and after a possible relationship breakdown or divorce. We’re doing this because we want to become the No 1 website for all divorce related issues.

We’re very excited about all of this and this blog is step 1. Here we will be providing readers with company news, such as new services and resources and we’ll also be providing updates on how we’re getting on with changes in family law and legal services in general. Additionally, with a large customer base we believe we can provide useful tips and guidance on divorce and related issues thereby providing new insights via a wealth of statistics that will help readers reflect on any breakdown in their or others previous relationships.

Keep in touch because more will be coming. This blog will also direct you to all the new resources we’ll be launching over the next couple of months; we have a forum, support community and lots of interesting articles coming out! We hope you find this blog useful and we’ll appreciate any feedback at all!


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