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Online Divorce

How can an online company help? The internet has revolutionised the way that we consume products and services; no longer is it necessary to post your letters, head to a cashpoint in order to check your balance or even visit your local supermarket to do your weekly shop. Put simply, the ever growing popularity of the online world has made it far easier for people to locate and use services. Prior to nearly every home in the UK having found itself online, the decision to divorce your spouse inevitably lead to hitting the High Street and conversing with numerous solicitors before deciding which of these institutions could best address your needs. Needless to say, this made the process of divorcing your spouse a daunting and expensive task. Here at Quickie Divorce we soon realised how the internet could make the divorce process straightforward, stress free, affordable and, above all else, quick. As a result of these findings Quickie Divorce launched its innovative online divorce services almost ten years ago. Our online divorce is a form of DIY divorce were both our customers and their spouses are able to access software online which creates all of the documentation required in order to file for and finalise their divorce. In addition to these documents, Quickie Divorce also offers its customers assistance and advice on how to best utilise our software. As the divorce process itself can be confusing, Quickie Divorce also offers all of its customers access to an online tracking system which not only explains the divorce process in full, but also allows the customer to check on the progress of their divorce online whenever they see fit. Following us having launched these ground-breaking services, Quickie Divorce has consistently reviewed and analysed all feedback that we receive from our customers. As a result, we have, over time, introduced a number of new online services and products designed to improve both our customer’s experiences and offer incomparable value for money. These have included the introduction of online wills, separation agreements and clean break orders thus ensuring the growth of convenient and inexpensive legal services. Of course, an online divorce isn’t necessarily the best option for everyone. If your divorce is contested for example, then the traditional route of consulting with and instructing a high street solicitor may make more sense. Perhaps you dislike computers or prefer face to face communication; whatever your individual circumstances we would strongly advise you to consider every option that may be available to you before deciding on the best way to proceed with your divorce. Irrespective of this, however, Quickie Divorce has dealt with thousands of divorces since its inception and derives immense satisfaction from having made the world of divorce accessible to the general population and helping people through what are undeniably testing times. Put simply, if you’re considering divorcing your spouse, no company are in a better position to advise or assist you with obtaining this both swiftly and economically.


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