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'DIY' Divorces

Most people seem to be pretty ‘clued in’ to the fact that it is possible to conduct your own divorce in the UK. Any assumption that you need a solicitor in order to file for and complete your divorce is untrue. Whether you should use a solicitor – or at least get some legal advice – is another question altogether and we would always recommend that anyone considering divorcing their spouse seek some advice whether this be from a high street solicitor, the citizen’s advice bureau or another source.

Come to think of it even if you’ve decided to ‘DIY’ the divorce and go it alone then you don’t even need to use an online company – the forms are free and can be downloaded from the court’s website

However, most people who get in touch with us are after one thing and that’s value. So, if you and your spouse are in total agreement about the divorce and you’re happy to ‘represent in person’ i.e. sign the paperwork and be unrepresented then you may be able to use a DIY Divorce service and save yourself some money.

If you take the contention out of the process and the two parties agree to a divorce then it basically boils down to filling out the right forms at the right time, swearing an affidavit, filling out some more forms and deciding on whether or not to get a clean break consent order. Once you’ve done that you will be able to apply for your ‘decree absolute’ six weeks and one day after the court has issued your ‘decree nisi.’

One thing to consider is that statistics from the ONS indicate that whilst 95% of divorces start off as uncontested only 77% remain so – that means that nearly 20% of divorcing couples think they have an agreement only to later discover that their spouse has changed their mind. As soon as this happens the divorce is now effectively ‘contested’ and the process becomes a lot more complicated.

It would be highly advisable that you conduct some research, take a look around the internet and possibly speak to Quickie Divorce or another online divorce company. It’s more than likely that we can assist you for significantly less and offer far greater value than any alternative options.


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