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The Advantages of an Online Divorce

A study conducted by the Legal Services Board has revealed that 10-13% of the divorce market is serviced by online providers. Indeed, due to the nature of the study, it is more likely that the figure stands somewhere between 20-25%. What cannot be disputed, though, are the many advantages of choosing an online divorce provider over a traditional solicitor. Benefits that are, it is abundantly apparent, resulting in this sector becoming larger and larger by the day! Some of these benefits are clear for all to see. Others are more subtle but -as those who have used our services will tell you - become evident as the divorce process progresses. Here are, in Quickie Divorce’s opinion, the biggest advantages of choosing an online divorce provider: Reduced Costs Thanks to the reduced costs we accrue as a result of us operating online, we are able to offer significant savings when compared to a traditional solicitor. All of our clients pay a fixed-fee for our services and are never charged for contacting us via any medium. Convenience Few if any businesses still operate exclusively on a nine to five basis, yet solicitors simply have not changed with the times. You may be paying them upwards of £200 per hour, but you’ll have to call between these hours if you want to speak to anyone – and having to attend a face-to-face appointment can really disrupt your day! Quickie Divorce are open from 9am to 9pm during the week and from 10am to 2pm every Saturday. To put it another way: we're available when you need us! No Need to Attend Court As your divorce will be uncontested, there’ll be no need for you to attend court. Yes, that’s right – you won’t need to attend court at all! Speed As we’ve harnessed both the power of advanced technology along with skilled and experienced case managers, our customer are, on average, divorced in just 12 weeks! We know that may not sound all that quick but, trust us, as far as processing a divorce from start to finish goes, it’s seriously impressive! Harmony We specialise in uncontested divorces meaning that both parties agree to the divorce. You’d think that, as a result of this, all of the divorces that we handle are relatively harmonious. You’d be right, but even the most amicable of divorces can become acrimonious when handled by a solicitor! As they charge by the hour, solicitors have a clear motive to prolong proceedings – with the most logical means of doing this questioning agreed arrangements, thus promoting discord that can have an adverse and long-lasting effect on your relationship with your former spouse. With Quickie Divorce, you can preserve a positive post-divorce relationship – something that is absolutely essential if children are involved!


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