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Online Divorce

How can an online company help? The internet has revolutionised the way that we consume products and services; no longer is it necessary to post your letters, head to a cashpoint in order to check your balance or even visit your local supermarket to do your weekly shop. Put simply, the ever growing popularity of the...

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'DIY' Divorces

Most people seem to be pretty ‘clued in’ to the fact that it is possible to conduct your own divorce in the UK. Any assumption that you need a solicitor in order to file for and complete your divorce is untrue. Whether you should use a solicitor – or at least get some legal advice – is another q...

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About this Divorce Blog

This is the official blog for ‘Quickie Divorce UK!’ As the UK’s leading service provider for online divorces in the UK we wanted to do more for the industry and create a range of online solutions for couples and individuals needing help during or after divorce. At present, we provide a range of pai...

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