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Are you Automatically Divorced after Five Years Apart?

Here at we regularly hear from people who, as they and their spouses have been living separately for five years, assume that they have automatically become divorced.

Such individuals are so confident of this that they inform us that they are just getting in touch to request that we confirm that this is the case. Whilst we are unsure of its origins, though, we can confirm that these beliefs are a myth.

Put simply, a divorce is never granted until the courts have received an application, processed it and a Decree Absolute has been sent to both parties irrespective of how long a couple have been living apart.

Think about it for a moment: only the courts can grant a divorce and how would they know that you and your husband or wife had been living separately or needed/wanted a divorce if you had not informed them of this.

There is some good news if you and your spouse have been living apart for five years or more, though – it’s much easier to get a divorce if they don’t agree because you can still follow the uncontested procedure. Something that is not possible when filing for a divorce on any ground other than five-year separation.


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