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Divorce Advice: What is a D10 Form?

When a person requests that the courts grant them a divorce, the courts will on almost all occasions send a form D10 to this individual’s spouse.

A D10 form is a straightforward document that asks a series of simple direct questions, the most important of which asks the spouse receiving the form (which is sent along with the relevant divorce petition) if they consent to the divorce. Should the Respondent state that they do intend to consent to the divorce within this form and return it to the court, the court will be satisfied that the Respondent is happy for their marriage to the Petitioner to be dissolved.

Respondents can inform the courts that they intend to defend the divorce, but it is now extremely rare that they take such action. Should they not agree to the divorce, then it is far more common that they will simply not complete and return the D10 – something which can be countered by utilising the court’s bailiff service.

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Im the petitioner I've got my D8 back from the courts but not D10 in which its asking me to send with my D80@D84 forms So what do I do now or next

Michael Aston
Stockton on Tees

Under these circumstances, you should contact the court directly and inform them as it is more than likely that they have failed to send you this form as a result of an error.

QD Admin