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So, you’re considering an online divorce and you want to know if you’re eligible. You’re in luck: this article will tell you what requirements need to be met, which ones we’d strongly recommend and which ones you don’t need to worry about.

Essential for an online divorce

You and your spouse need to agree to a divorce

This the first, and most important, hurdle you’ll need to clear before you even consider getting an online divorce: you and your spouse need to agree that you both want a divorce and, furthermore, agree your grounds.

It is possible to obtain a divorce when you’re not in agreement, but it can get extremely difficult and an online divorce simply won’t meet your needs.

You need to divide your assets

Some may say that this is optional but, whilst you can get a divorce without formally dividing your assets, we think it’s absolutely essential that you and your spouse determine how you’ll divide your assets – and make this agreement binding – before finalising your divorce. If you don’t, you might find your spouse making a claim against you in the near, or even distant, future.

We’d also recommend

Agree childcare arrangements

Again, there’s no need for you to have agreed where the children will live, when they’ll stay with their non-resident parent etc. but we’d recommend that you do.

Ultimately, the only reason we’ve not deemed this to be essential is because these arrangements have to be flexible and are certain to change. Nevertheless, we always advise people to have a basic agreement in place.

You find your original marriage certificate

Things are a lot easier if you can find your original marriage certificate. If you can’t and you married in the UK, you can order a new certified copy of your certificate for a small fee. If you got married outside of the UK, however, it can be difficult.

In the worst-case scenario, you can apply for a divorce without your marriage certificate, but you’ll be at the mercy of the court.

And here are a few divorce myths

You can’t avoid the court fee

Time and time again, people comment on our Facebook posts stating that whilst our offer of a low-cost divorce sounds great, you’re always going to have to pay £550 to the courts. This is completely false.

Granted, most people will need to pay some kind of fee when filing for a divorce, but provided they file the necessary documents when applying, it’s likely it’ll be significantly less than the £550 mentioned previously. Find out how much you could save on divorce court fees here.

That you’re automatically divorced after five years

Yes, a surprisingly large number of people think that, after they and their husband/wife have been separated for more than five years, they’re automatically divorced. They’re wrong, of course; how could the courts grant a divorce if they are unaware of the fact that a couple separated!

 That the grounds for divorce will affect the settlement

In all fairness, this one’s understandable; it’s logical to conclude that the party that is deemed to be responsible for the breakdown of the marriage should receive a smaller settlement. As sensible as it may seem, though, it’s not true.

Seeing as how determining exactly what made someone decide their marriage was at an end is certain to be difficult, the courts instead look to divide assets in a way that will allow both parties to maintain the lifestyles they’re used to.

Find out where you can get an online divorce

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