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How much does a divorce cost if both parties agree?

With the average cost of a divorce in the UK now standing at more than £14,000 when legal fees and changes to people’s living arrangements are taken into account, it’s understandable that anyone that’s looking to end their marriage wants to know what they can do to save money on the process. This is what results in people regularly asking whether or not their divorce will be cheaper if the parties agree to it.

Generally speaking, the vast majority of divorces are uncontested meaning that both spouses want to divorce. As a result, the fact that the parties agree to the divorce rarely makes the process cheaper. Instead, it is the services that are used and their personal circumstances that are more likely to drive down the cost of their divorce.

Court fees for divorce in the UK

Sadly, the UK’s courts request a fee of £550 be paid to them when a Divorce Petition is filed in order to cover their administrative costs. This fee is required irrespective of whether you have a solicitor, are doing your own divorce or you’re using an online divorce provider.

You may have this fee reduced or may not even need to pay it at all under certain circumstances, however. To find out if you need to pay court fees when filing for a divorce simply click here.

High-street solicitor divorces are expensive

Undoubtedly the most expensive way of getting a divorce is to instruct a solicitor. They charge up to £500 per hour and it’s easy to see how costs can rapidly spiral out of control as a result. Combine this with the fact that they’re obliged to pick holes in agreements – making matters more complicated in the process – and a solicitor-led divorce can easily cost thousands of pounds.

If a couple consent to a divorce and how to divide their joint assets, there is absolutely no need to instruct a solicitor; in fact, doing so would be little more than a waste of money. The only circumstances under which it would be advisable that someone uses the services of a solicitor is if they and their spouse are unable to negotiate a financial settlement between them or with the assistance of a mediator.

DIY divorce can be cheap… but is often a false economy

If you’re able to, completing your own divorce papers and filing them with the court is undoubtedly the cheapest way to get a divorce… provided said papers are completely free from mistakes. With the fee for submitting corrected documents exceeding £100, small mistakes can quickly result in big costs.

How much does a divorce cost with Quickie Divorce?

Twenty years ago, Quickie Divorce identified that, with people left with no option but to pay excessive solicitors’ fees or do their own divorces, there was a gap in the market that people desperately wanted filled. Accordingly, we created our pioneering fixed-fee packages and will complete all of your divorce papers for just £67.

For additional financial security, we’ll also complete all of your divorce papers plus a Clean Break agreement for just £167.


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