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How much does an online divorce cost?

Quickie Divorce offer several packages ranging in price from £37 to £167. In addition, a filing fee of £550 is payable to the courts, though you could have this reduced or even waived entirely. You can find out if you can get help with the court fee for a divorce here.

Each of our packages include different features and are designed to meet the needs of various customers who are seeking a low-cost alterative to solicitors for their uncontested divorce. The details of each package – including their cost, features and the audience they were created for – can be found below:

Three Minute Download Service

Designed with those who are confident completing legal forms in mind, our Three Minute Download Service includes all of the forms required to file for, and obtain, a divorce. In addition, every client that purchases this service is provided with vector diagrams, showing precisely how each form should be completed.

This package costs just £37 and, once payment’s been made, all documents – including vectors and guides – can be downloaded instantly.

Personalised Service

For those people that want a little bit more help, our Personalised Service – available for just £67 – includes the completion of every form you’ll need.

Yes, that’s right, from the Divorce Petition right through to the application for a Decree Absolute, we’ll complete everything for £67. A single mistake on any form will result in not just a slower process but also further fees. With Quickie Divorce in your corner, though, you needn’t worry. If any document is rejected any stage (and this is highly, highly unlikely) we’ll take care of it – even if you need an amended Divorce Petition.

In short, customers that purchase our Personalised Service are provided with an extra layer of protection against financial loss. Our next package provides even greater protection.

Personalised Plus Service

As well as having all of their documents completed for them, customers that opt for our Personalised Plus Service will also benefit from the addition of a Consent Order – all for £167.

Typically known as a ‘Clean Break Divorce’ Consent Orders are used to finalise agreements that spouses have reached concerning the division of their finances and assets. Once finalised, the agreement becomes legally binding meaning that both parties are obligated to fulfil its various terms and, most importantly of all, are not able to make any future claim on their former spouse’s assets.

If the division of finances and assets is not dealt with, then spouses remain financially linked even after their divorce has been finalised. In some cases, awards have been made in spite of the fact that the parties had been divorced for several years and the assets claimed had been earned post-divorce.

Even if a couple have no assets to divide, we still recommend that a Consent Order be obtained as it is the only way to ensure that a claim cannot be made in the future.


Quickie Divorce offer three separate packages with costs ranging from £37 to £167. A court fee of up to £550 is also payable when filing though many people can have this fee discounted whilst others will not need to pay it at all.


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