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How to get divorced if you married in another country

If you want to file for a divorce in England or Wales but you didn’t marry in either country, you can still file for and obtain a divorce from the courts that serve these nations. Irrespective of where your marriage took place, you can file for a divorce in either England or Wales if either party lives in or has a significant link to either nation (common examples of this would including owning properties or still paying some form of tax within either country) though there are a few vital things you’ll need to know – in relation to your marriage certificate in particular.

Do you have your original marriage certificate?

We’re guessing that you, like most people, have the very best of intentions as far as your important documents are concerned. Unfortunately, whilst you knew you were placing your marriage certificate in a safe place when you put it away for safekeeping all those years ago, time passed and, as you thought you’d never need this document again, you forgot where this was. You’re not alone and – whilst the process of getting a new copy can be more difficult if you married abroad – it’s by no means impossible.

If you need a certified copy of your marriage certificate, the best place to start is, if possible, your tour guide or wedding planner. If you used neither, the next-best place is the venue of your wedding and, failing this, the UK’s embassy in the relevant country.

In the event that your efforts don’t bear fruit, you can request that the court allow your application to proceed without your marriage certificate, though we’d recommend that you get a solicitor to assist you with this.

Is your marriage certificate in English?

If your marriage certificate isn’t in English, you’ll need to get a certified translation and submit this along with various other documents including your original/a certified copy of your marriage certificate. Most translators offer certification services for a nominal fee but it’s important that you check that they’re able to provide this before you part with your cash.

How does the divorce procedure differ?

The fact that you’ll need to submit a translation of your marriage certificate aside, the actual divorce process itself is identical to that used when a couple married in either England or Wales. The same forms will need to be completed and submitted to the court at different times accordingly.

If you have any further questions about how you can get a divorce, get in touch with Quickie Divorce today.

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I would like to get a divorce. I married my husband in another country but I have the original marriage certificate and I am a british citizen. Please help. Edisberta

Edisberta Escudero Fonseca

Hello, this is fine. Provided at least one party lives in either England or Wales, you can file for a divorce here.

QD Admin