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What is the fastest way to get a divorce?

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked at Quickie Divorce is ‘how long will it take for me to be divorced?’ Separating couples want their time in court to go as quickly as possible, but some divorce providers can only manage to quote a 22-week average length of process. Because of our years of expertise and experienced case managers, the average length of a divorce with us is just 12 weeks! We’re one of the fastest ways to get a divorce in the UK, and we take a few key considerations into account when we’re progressing petitions that make things easier and quicker for you. The fastest way to get a divorce always starts at home, so we recommend that you talk to your spouse about the kind of separation you’re seeking out and what it generally looks like for you and your children, your finances etc. As long as you have both had an informal chat and share a general idea of your future, we can move forward in a strong position. Don’t forget – you also need to have been married for at least one year before you begin proceedings.

Work together

Keeping both you and your partner on the same page during divorce proceedings is the easiest way to expedite the entire process. It’s often easier to put the emotionally draining aspects of the divorce on the backburner if both of you are focused on the logical things like the financial and material objects the court will be able to rule over. Maintaining a line of dialogue between both camps should keep misunderstandings to a minimum, something that has tripped up many formerly amicable couples over time. For example, if you’re filing for divorce and using unreasonable behaviour as your grounds you will need to list several examples of times your spouse behaved like a ‘bad’ partner and how that made you feel. For some people, these personal examples and admissions of feelings of loneliness and sadness can be difficult to talk about and to read. Many couples choose to have the respondent list their own examples of unreasonable behaviour to limit this effect, or they sit down together and work on a list they can agree on rather than have the respondent simply open it in their mail and react emotionally alone.

Plan your future

Making a list of your shared and separate finances will speed up the process, and if you can come to an agreement between yourselves about how they might be divided in the divorce you could also save money on costly mediation. Take into account your house and your children, who will be their primary caregiver now? Regardless of whether you choose to apply for joint custody, one of you will probably end up paying child maintenance to the partner who earns less so having a frank conversation about that as early as possible will save trouble later on. You can begin your divorce before these arraignments have been finalised, so don’t let that hold you back from filing. Many people use the time it takes for the court to process their divorce as an opportunity to negotiate their settlement. When filing your divorce petition, the temptation might be to choose your nearest divorce centre but wait times can vary hugely around the country. Some centres might be inundated with petitions and this will slow down your divorce greatly, but we can help you find one that isn’t too busy with other work and give you an edge.

All being well, you and your spouse are still on the same page and when they receive your petition in the post they will send off their Acknowledgement of Service Form promptly. If they do that, you’ve trimmed off up to 21 days from the process compared to the length of time it would have taken if they chose not to respond. Just eight weeks later, a judge will hopefully look at your case and grant you your Decree Nisi. Six weeks after this, you will apply for your Decree Absolute and have your official certificate confirming your divorce and newfound single status! You can see that there are many important things to consider when you’re looking to divorce as quickly as possible, and with twenty years of experience helping couples separate our tips and tricks can shave off months of time from the process.

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