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Where can you find divorce papers online?

In order to file for a divorce, you’ll need to complete and submit a Divorce Petition to the court. Furthermore, you’ll need to complete several additional documents and, if you intend to ask the courts reduce or waive their fee for divorce, will also need to complete and present an EX160 form alongside your other documents.

All of the documents that you’ll need can be downloaded from the official government website. In fact, virtually any standard piece of court documentation can be found on this site. What this site does not provide, however, is guidance on how to complete these forms correctly and, with the courts charging in excess of £100 each time a corrected piece of documentation is needed, it’s easy to see why this presents a problem to people looking to do their own divorce.

How to get help with your divorce papers

When people chose to complete their own divorce papers, their documents often contain mistakes, just one of which is sufficient to completely negate the financial benefits of doing your own divorce. What, though, can be done to reduce the likelihood of the courts declining your application because of errors?

The cheapest option is to seek the help of friends or acquaintances who are familiar with the divorce process. Another is to scour the internet and find advice on how to complete the relevant forms. Both options are, however, highly problematic as the courts regularly make changes to their documents meaning that any articles you find online are likely to be out-of-date and that anyone you know that has been through the divorce process probably also completed a completely different set of papers. Basically, neither of these options are full proof – but there is one that is.

For just £67, Quickie Divorce will complete all of the documents you’ll need to file for your divorce and, if the courts reject them because of our error, we’ll cover the resubmission costs. This means that, for less than the cost of submitting amended documentation to the court, you can have every form you’ll need completed for you by a professional; and you can rest assured that £67 is the only fee you’ll pay to any company.

Don’t forget your clean break

As costly as incorrect Divorce Petitions and other documents can prove to be, they pale in comparison to the potential cost of failing to obtain a clean break.

A clean break or Consent Order – to use its technical, legal name – is used to formalise agreements couples have made concerning the division of their assets by making them legally binding. If one is not obtained during the divorce process or shortly after the divorce has been granted, either spouse can claim a share of the other’s assets – even if they’ve been earnt after the divorce was finalised. All in all, it’s easy to see how you can lose out financially if you don’t obtain one of these orders.

There’s good news, though, Quickie Divorce will prepare all of the documents you’ll need to obtain a divorce and a clean break for just £167.


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