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Yes, there is such a thing as a Quickie Divorce – here’s why

‘There’s no such things as a quickie divorce’ is a line being peddled with increasing regularity by those for whom the ever-increasing popularity of online divorce services are certain to be detrimental.

Yes, solicitors – bogged-down in bureaucracy, inefficient systems and spiralling overheads – are not adapting to a changing marketplace, but are instead using people’s lack of understanding of the term ‘quickie divorce’ as a platform through which they can attack their competition: online divorce providers such as ourselves.

You see, thanks to sensationalised coverage in the media, many people believe that a quickie divorce is a divorce that is finalised within seconds of the application being received by the court. This, though, is simply not possible in any part of England, Wales or anywhere else in the UK.

The divorce process is, ultimately, rigid and all steps need to be followed from the submission of the divorce petition through to the granting of the decree absolute. One of these steps involves a judge reviewing the relevant documents and – as this process is usually completed as quickly as possible and it is here that it is confirmed that the divorce will be granted – it is from this step that the myth of divorce in seconds originates.

In reality, getting the divorce to this stage will have taken several weeks. Even after this step (which is known as the granting of the Decree Nisi) is completed, the divorce cannot be finalised for at least another six weeks and one day. Whilst this means that it’s not possible to get a divorce in seconds, though, it is indeed possible to get a quickie divorce – here’s why:

Do a quick search on Google and you’ll see that solicitors and online divorce providers are now stating that a quick divorce is taking six months, with the average divorce taking a, frankly, colossal 12 months! Here, our customers’ divorces are processed within just 12 weeks.

We achieve this by continuously ensuring we are operating as efficiently as possible at all times. We also maintain close relationships with the UK’s Divorce Centres and take steps to ensure that each stage of the divorce process is fulfilled as quickly as possible.

With our divorces taking just 12 weeks on average, that means that our average is more than twice as fast as the six months that other providers consider to be quick – we think that’s all the proof anyone should need that there is such a thing as a Quickie Divorce.

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