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You need to know these divorce-based money-saving tips

It’s important to keep track of your finances so, after you’ve decided to pursue a divorce, determining how you can ensure it costs as little as possible should be your first consideration.

The overall cost of divorce differs greatly depending on circumstances. If the divorce is uncontested, the process is going to be straightforward and therefore significantly cheaper. If there is disagreement of any kind – such as the division of finances or what brought about the separation – it can become very expensive, particularly when solicitors become involved.

Ultimately, then, it’s better to agree everything possible before proceedings. Doing so will not only keep your costs down, but will also make the process less adversarial and, as a direct result, easier and cheaper for all involved.

Here are our top tips on how to save money on your divorce and make the process easier.

Agree your reasons for divorce

Agreeing your grounds before starting the divorce process is something we strongly advocate. Doing so will guarantee that the party responding to the application doesn’t get a nasty surprise; believe us when we say that when people suddenly find out that they’re being blamed for the end of the marriage, they don’t tend to react well.

If you’ve not yet been living separately for two years and need to utilise a fault-based ground, talk things over with your spouse and agree your reasons beforehand. Should you be using unreasonable behaviour, remember that your reasons don’t have to be severe. In the event you’ll be filing on adultery, agree on the vital details like when the person filing found out, how they found out and when you began living separate lives. By being prepared, you’ll greatly enhance the prospect of your divorce running smoothly.

Decide on how you’ll divide your assets

After you’ve decided on your reasons, you and your spouse should try and agree how you’re going to divide your various assets. If you can do this between yourselves, you’ll make a significant saving as instructing a solicitor to negotiate on your behalf can become very expensive, very quickly, particularly if the matter progresses to a court hearing.

If you’re not able to reach an agreement and need some assistance, it’s worth attending mediation rather than immediately heading to a solicitor’s office as it’s significantly cheaper and has a high rate of success. Be careful, though, as this settlement is extremely important, and you should ensure you’re getting your fair share.

Check if you need to pay court fees

Finally, you should check if you can get help with the court fees for divorce.

The courts request a fee of £550 be paid when a Divorce Petition is filed, but many people don’t need to pay this fee at all – and the vast majority of those that do have to pay a fee don’t have to pay the full amount, either!

If you’re claiming one of several specific benefits and have less than £3,000 in savings, you won’t need to pay any fee to the court. Additionally, if you bring home less than £5,085 per month (more if you have dependents), you’ll pay less than the full £550 requested by the courts.

How Quickie Divorce can help

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